In today's fast-moving society, acquiring new skills and updating existing knowledge are key factors in career advancement and essential for economic redeployment. With this in mind, HEC Liège has for many years been organizing continuing education courses on a staggered timetable.

An efficient pedagogy

  • Pragmatic and active methods
  • Teaching based on the life of the company
  • Courses given by professionals

A flexible organization

  • Complete program
  • Possible reduction over 2 academic years
  • A la carte formula in the form of "isolated modules

A quality service

  • Secretariat open in the evening and on Saturday morning
  • Access to the HEC Liège (via rue Saint-Gilles no.199) parking lot and to all the school's facilities
  • E-mail address, internet access

Distance learning: only for the specialization Masters

Tuesday and Thursday classes are partly recorded on audio and video media. However, you still need to be physically present in Liège, especially on Saturdays when no courses are booked.


Our Offer : 


Specialised Masters  

Diploma courses for university graduates who wish to obtain a 2nd master's degree or a master's degree of specialization.

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Special Training  

Certifying courses intended for people who wish to further their education and who do not necessarily meet the legal requirements for access to a Master's degree. In this case, HEC Liège delivers a non-degree title, the Special Training.

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University Certificates  

University certificates for university graduates (or equivalent) or graduates of higher education wishing to further their education in the fields of Customs Compliance or Environmental Management. 

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