HEC Liège helps you develop your network of contacts!

At HEC Liège, there is a "Corporate Relations, Alumni Network & Career Development" service to help you develop your network among over 20,000 contacts for your professional projects!

Whether you are a Bachelor or a Master student, building a professional network is already essential to improve your current or future professional integration. LinkedIn, family circle, professional experience ... are all ways to develop your professional network. Discover now this service which is at your disposal to accompany you in your approach! 

The service Corporate Relations, Alumni network & Career Development :

This service is the interface between the School and the students, the Alumni and the economic world. It provides support to students throughout their career in order to help them find

  • relevant contacts in companies as part of their academic or professional projects.
  • an internship or a job.

Would you like to take advantage of this support?

Loupe To begin your search, we invite you to look at the following sources of information:

The logos of companies close to the School also scroll on the screen in front of the reception desk at HEC Liège. Find out which companies are of particular interest to you and select a few that meet your criteria.

This platform is also at your disposal to search by company or function keywords (or even by country). You will be able, via the platform, to connect with alumni who work in companies that interest you and are related to your specialty. 

  • The international mapping MyMaps:

Do you want an international career? This tool will allow you to consult the distribution of the 1500 Alumni present in 101 countries around the world and to consult the list of our Ambassadors who are at your disposal to advise you as best as possible on their host country.

  • Facebook and Linkedin discussion groups with our Alumni:

If you are a Master 2 student, we also offer several tools so that you can exchange with the Alumni on all the topics that interest you, thanks to the discussion groups proposed on Facebook and Linkedin. You can thus relay your request (whether it is for a thesis, a specific job search, an internship, or other).

MailingContact us:

Contact the department 2 to 3 months before your deadline (date of submission of the internship agreement, beginning of the project concerned, submission of the thesis...) via the following email address: hec-corporaterelations@uliege.be / alumni@uliege.be. In this e-mail, please specify your request with the most precise criteria possible (field of activity, company names, target country, project concerned, etc.). We will then be able to inform you and advise you in a targeted way.

EventMaximize your chances and take advantage of all the activities offered to you:

Participate in all the activities available to you to develop your network and meet the Alumni and privileged contacts of the School (Campus Recruitment activities, conferences organized for students in the presence of companies and Alumni,...).

Go It's up to you!

updated on 2/13/23

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