Stop Waste Campaign

From January 2023, HEC Liège launches the STOP Waste campaign!

From January 2023, the S’LAB and the Communication Department of HEC Liège join forces to conduct a one-year campaign with the objective to sensitize the HEC Liège community (students, staff members, visitors,…) to a more responsible behavior – with a particular focus on reducing waste and better waste management.


Take care of our environment

Take care of ourselves

This awareness campaign targets our behaviors in terms of waste in the broadest sense, whether they are food, energy, digital, clothing or whether they affect precious resources, such as water or paper.

The principle?

In 2023, 1 month = 1 theme!

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Throughout each month, awareness actions, workshops, conferences and activities of all kinds will be organized on the chosen theme.

Every first working day, an email will be sent to all the people concerned in order to introduce the theme of the month and the organized activities. 

Why such a campaign?

Because HEC Liège is no less than 3500 students and no less than 500 colleagues, not to mention the many partners who gravitate towards our activities.

Because this is the right time to adopt a responsible behavior: we will not take advantage of January 1st to make good resolutions. We choose to act for our environment. Now.

Because the vision of the S'LAB is that each member of the HEC Liège community positions himself as an actor of change.

Because to make the world change, we need each of us to get active. 


Why in 2023?

Our campus, in the center of Liege, has grown considerably over the past three years:

  • With the construction of a brand new building, designed for a reduced environmental impact.
  • With the purchase of the neighboring site, on which two old buildings were renovated by optimizing the materials and resources already available.

We have been careful to preserve as much green space as possible, but the increase in the size of our campus is no less real: it now covers 1.6 hectares. Our responsibility today is to prevent our waste production from increasing proportionally: Stop Waste! 

Inspired by our campaign?

Are you already taking action or are you ready to invest in this project with us? 


Let us know!


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