Discover the "Mentoring au Féminin" Program!

Do you want to give your career a boost?

Did you know that HEC Liège has been offering, for the last 9 years, a mentoring program for female alumni with 3 to 15 years of experience (class 2007-2019)?
An opportunity to benefit from a fresh look at your career thanks to a regular follow-up that will pull you up! And all this for free, thanks to the support of Mithra !

How do you do it?

  • By offering a personalized support;
  • By helping them to better assert their choices;
  • By making them aware of their potential, their own strengths and resources;
  • By identifying solutions that suit them in order to meet the challenges they are and will be facing
  • By giving the opportunity to have the mirror effect of an experienced mentor during their first steps in the professional world.

In short, it is about creating duos around a Mentee, a graduate of HEC Liège, and a Mentor with solid professional experience in order to facilitate the achievement of the Mentee's career objectives and avoid the glass ceiling and other employment traps 

iconeInfo Contact : Sabine Hauser

Mentoring au féminin

Appel à candidatures

You want to be accompanied to boost your career?  This is for you! 

Consult the Charter


Required profile 

Graduates of HEC Liège with a minimum of 3 years and a maximum of 15 years of experience who have a professional project and/or a challenge to take up and who are highly motivated to join the program and be accompanied by a mentor.


Interested in becoming a Mentee?

Please contact Sabine Hauser to apply by January 20, 2023


Want to become a Mentor?

Are you inspired by the program and would you like to accompany a mentee by sharing your experience? Contact Sabine Hauser


The 8 basic rules 

  1. The relationship is intuitu personae, no delegation possible;
  2. The relationship is free;
  3. The relationship is based on a moral contract: on an obligation of means rather than results;
  4. The process is limited to 6 months;
  5. Each Mentor, male or female, accompanies one Mentee;
  6. Exchanges between Mentors and Mentees are confidential and based on a principle of mutual trust and respect;
  7. Availability: each party will make itself available to organize at least 5 meetings over the 6 months of the program. The dates of the meetings will have to be respected and the Mentee could be asked to do some preparatory work;
  8. Regular reporting will be communicated to the HEC Liège Alumni network.
  • Mid-term reporting
  • Final reporting

With the support of MITHRA


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