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The teaching specialization includes the pedagogical training preparing for the higher secondary education. 

This specialization, which is open to both Master in Management and Master in Economics students, is based on a common core of management and economic sciences and offers, in the second year of the Master, a specific program of 30 credits, including observation and teaching internships.

iconeInfo Students who do not immediately choose this specialization but who, after completing another specialization, would still like to pursue a career in teaching, will have the possibility of repeating only the 30 credits specific to the didactic specialization, without having to repeat the final year's work.

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The specialization allows the student to: 

  • train at the psycho-pedagogical level
  • prepare for the teaching profession while continuing his or her training in management subjects.

For whom?

The program is aimed at students who wish to go on to general secondary education, qualifying secondary education or social promotion education.

Skills acquired at the end of the specialization  

  • development of effective partnership relations with the institution, colleagues and parents;
  • mastery of the disciplinary and interdisciplinary knowledge that justifies pedagogical action as well as the disciplinary didactics that guide it;
  • mastery of relational skills related to the demands of the profession;
  • design, testing, evaluation and regulation of teaching devices;
  • development of a broad socio-economic culture in order to awaken students' interest in the world;
  • understanding and mastery of the ethical issues related to the daily practice of the teaching profession;
  • development of a reflective view of the practice of the profession in order to organize one's continuing education.

Professional openings

Career opportunities in the Teaching 

This training allows you to teach in general or qualifying secondary education (technical or professional) as well as in Social Promotion education (adults in day or evening classes).
The main subjects taught are economics, management, law, management techniques and management information systems.

Career opportunities in the Training

This training also constitutes a very interesting preparation for those who are destined to become trainers or training managers in companies by allowing them to discover psycho-pedagogical themes such as communication, group facilitation techniques, pedagogical methods, evaluation of learning, etc.

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