There is a single degree for doctoral studies in economics or in management: PhD in Economics and Management. HEC Liège designs, implements and delivers the programme along two different tracks: management and economics.

All the decisions regarding admissions, credit validations, annual deliberation, etc. are taken together within a joint Doctoral Programme Committee (DPC) in Economics and Management, chaired by the Director of Research with the support of two vice-presidents (one for each track).

In both tracks, the doctoral training programme (60 ECTS) is intended as a preparation to the research process and a necessary first step towards the writing of a high quality doctoral dissertation. It enables PhD candidates to acquire high-level professional and scientific knowledge in order to be specialized in their subject matter, to carry out their research work successfully and to develop their future employability.

In addition to the compulsory courses, candidates propose their own customised programme in their field of specialization and according to their subject. The PhD candidate is supported by a Doctoral Dissertation Committee (DDC) which includes the supervisor. The Committee validates the consistency of the doctoral programme. They also analyse the quality of the research and the international scientific reputation of the course organisers. Based on the progress made in preceding years, a personalized schedule is drawn up at the start of each academic year, co-signed by the PhD candidate and his/her supervisor, in agreement with the Doctoral Dissertation Committee.


Please find the French version of the general regulation of the Doctoral School in Economics and Management    

The general regulation of the Doctoral School in Economics and Management is bound by the Doctoral Education Regulation of the University of Liège


The PhD candidate’s academic path

The PhD candidate’s academic path consists of 2 stages:

  • The PhD candidate must complete the doctoral training successfully (60 ECTS)
  • Next, candidates must conduct a personal research project for a minimum of 2 years. They are followed up by their doctoral dissertation supervisor on a regular basis and - at least once a year- they present the results of their research to a Doctoral Dissertation Committee, established at the beginning of the doctoral programme. The dissertation can be a monograph or a series of scientific articles.

The Doctoral Dissertation Committee consists of a minimum of three professors. If this Committee decides the dissertation is ready to be presented, a Doctoral Dissertation Jury is appointed. The latter consists of at least two members from outside the University of Liège.


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Doctoral School

The Thematic Doctoral School of Management Sciences

The Thematic Doctoral School in Management is organized jointly by HEC Liège (ULiège)Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management (ULB) and Warocqué faculty (UMons).

The doctoral training programme in Management is structured in as follows:

  • A common core of 15 ECTS is intended to ensure a uniform basis of skills and allows doctoral candidates to develop their network
  • A specialization programme worth 15 ECTS, composed of advanced courses and thematic workshops closely connected with the subject of the doctoral thesis and thus with the main research themes found in the School
  • Workshops and research-related activities (25 ECTS)
  • Academic development activities for 5 ECTS

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The Thematic Doctoral School of Economics

The Thematic Doctoral School of Economics is a partnership between the 3 Academies of the “Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles”: the Wallonie Europe Academy (ULiège), the Louvain Academy (consisting of the UCLouvain, the FUNDP, the FUCaM and the FUSL) and the Wallonie Bruxelles Academy (ULB).

The training programme in Economics consists of: 

  • Five doctoral level courses of 5 ECTS each. Two courses must be in microeconomics, macroeconomics or econometrics. The other three courses (15 ECTS) may be much more specifically related to the research field of the doctoral student.
  • Publications and scientific presentations (25 ECTS)
  • Transversal skills (10 ECTS)


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If you wish to enquire about the opportunities of becoming a PhD candidate or researcher at HEC Liège, please contact a professor at HEC Liège, who is specialized in the area you are interested in (see the list of the strategic research fields and their members).

The submission of an application to the PhD programme requires the presentation of a research project as well as an outline of a work plan of your project. The research project and the work plan have to be formally approved by a professor who accepts to become your supervisor   Access to the PhD in Management and Economics is reserved for holders of a Master’s degree (120 ECTS) in Management or Economics, or any other equivalent degree (Belgian or international) that was awarded with "Honors" after a 5-year programme (300 ECTS).

In order to be admitted, candidates must submit an application file for assessment by the Doctoral Programme Committee. This consists of professors involved in the programme. The Committee will examine the admissibility of your submission and will grant or deny permission to enrol at the University.

The conditions for admission and enrolment in a PhD programme at the University of Liège can be found here:

General access conditions for the doctorate

Conditions for students from the European Union (Outside Belgium)

Conditions for students from outside the European Union


For further information please contact  

For information about tuition fees, please refer to the University of Liege.

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