Copie de Infographie Level up 2021


HEC Liège wants the best for its students, its Alumni and the companies involved in its development. Indeed, it attaches particular importance to the quality of its environment, the excellence of its programs and its impact as an economic player. This is why the school has received numerous accreditations such as AACSB, EQUIS, BSIS, ...

Today, we are continuing our efforts: "A new campus for a bigger impact" or how to move from 8,000 m2 to 16,000 m2 and offer equipment adapted to today's working methods.

Since 2019, the HEC Fund has focused on the "Level up" fundraising campaign to finance the new HEC Liège Campus . Thanks to this project, the donations collected almost tripled in 2019 and even quintupled in 2020!

In 2021, we have collected 52 670 €!


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