In 2019, the Committee of Rectors of Belgian Universities called for a refinancing of the Universities to be spread over two legislatures to return to the 2009 level of funding per student. This was not accepted. Universities are still working on the basis of closed envelope funding. This system and the funding criteria are leading to a reduction in revenue for the University and HEC Liège, despite an increase in costs (personnel, energy, etc.).

We want to continue to fulfill our mission of teaching, research and service to our region. As a business school, these budgetary constraints call on us, more than ever, to diversify our sources of funding to meet our commitments as a trainer of tomorrow's citizens and managers, to equip our classrooms with today's digital technologies and to support research, which is crucial to the Region's economic development.

In concrete terms, making a donation to the Fonds HEC Liège en 2024 means :

  • Equipping our classrooms with cutting-edge technologies. A crucial need, at the heart of digital transformation.
  • Equipping part of the campus with sorting garbage cans. One step closer to sustainability!
  • Support 5 students taking part in the CFA Benelux Challenge in 2024, won 4 times by HEC Liège since 2019.

Currently, the HEC Liège Fund is supported by over 600 donors.

Join the movement, make a donation now!

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What our donors say about that

"As an employer we attach great importance to the training of our employees [...] it is a fair return for us to contribute to the development of this ambitious project."

Erwin Schröder et Simon Boskin – Promo 1987 et 2005


"[...] Give our young people the financial means that their elders have, so that they can grow, train, undertake and dare in the most professional environment possible."

Christian Lejeune – Promo 1990


"We simply wanted our strong friendship born at HEC to be included somewhere [...]"

Fabrizio Bucci et Coralie Piron – Promo 2001


"[...] I feel that I have benefited from a very good training and humbly wish to contribute to the realization of the project [...]"

Marsel Paraev – Promo 2013


"[...] Teaching management in all its aspects in this way by bringing together knowledge and experience is an essential contribution of HEC Liège to the future of its region. Widely recognized, it deserves to be supported."

Jean Claude Lahaut – Chargé de cours 1995 – 2018

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