As a general rule, during the last year of the Master's program, the student completes an internship in a company (in the broadest sense) and a thesis.

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The internship

The internship is carried out in an organization/company located in Belgium or abroad. Generally speaking, it lasts at least 10 weeks and takes place during the second quarter of the academic year.

The internship allows the student to become familiar with the life and management of an organization and to confront the theoretical knowledge acquired during his/her studies with the reality of the field.

The mission of the internship must be related to the Master's degree chosen by the student and generally consists of dealing with a specific management or economic issue.

The student develops "soft skills" and "hard skills" related to his/her specialization.

The thesis

The Master's thesis is an essay produced by a student. It is a major test at the end of the Master's program. It is the result of an individual research project on an original theme related to the management of companies or organizations or to an economic issue, for which the student mobilizes, deepens and concretizes the knowledge and know-how acquired during his/her studies.

It may take the form of a research paper or a project paper, depending on the teaching objective chosen. In the case of a thesis-project, the student combines the internship and the thesis.

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