In 2022, we inaugurated our brand new campus spread over 1.6 hectares, in the heart of Liege, at the intersection of rue Saint-Gilles and rue Louvrex. A necessary project for one of the most dynamic business schools in Europe!

Since 2005, when HEC Liège became one of the 11 faculties of the University of Liège, the School has continued to grow: more students, international accreditations, partnerships with companies, ambitious and quality research projects.

This abundance of activities has led to the creation of the VentureLab, an incubator for student entrepreneurs, the Smart City Institute, the Digital Lab, the S'LAB. Other centers of expertise have expanded rapidly, such as LENTIC, the Social Economy Center, QuantOM, etc.

HEC Liège Executive Education has also expanded its activities in the field of lifelong learning for regional, national and international companies.

For many years, HEC Liège has occupied different buildings in the Sart Tilman or in the city. This scattered situation was complicated to manage.

It is therefore natural that the project to regroup the School in a central location, the Beauregard site, was born.

The University and the School's partners (companies and authorities) supported this construction project from the outset.

Initially, the idea was to construct a new, forward-looking building. The project quickly gained momentum with the opportunity to reunite the historic Beauregard site.

Indeed, in the early 90s, part of the site was acquired by HEC Liège to erect the current building on rue Louvrex; the well-known maternity hospital in Liège was replaced by the School of Management. The other part was occupied by the Sainte-Julienne school and the sisters of Sainte-Croix with a rest home.

In the very near future, the entire site will become part of the University of Liège's School of Management Campus. We would like to thank the sisters of the Filles de la Croix community, and in particular Sister Fulvie, for enabling us to create this Campus.

The building is fully in line with the School's strategy. It allows for the organization of new and agile teaching activities: small connected rooms for face-to-face and distance collaboration, rooms adapted and equipped for interactive distance teaching, laboratories for the use of new technologies... For researchers, it offers a collaborative and transversal approach through open and flexible spaces. Last but not least, the building is open to the community, accessible to our partners to create a positive emulation between professors, students and the organizations that surround us.

We wanted a building that fits harmoniously into the neighborhood and responds to the evolution of society. Bicycle parking, locker rooms, lockers to encourage soft mobility and respect for the architecture of the neighborhood are some examples. It is a sustainable building with advantageous energy performances.

The architects, staff, and representatives from the University's Real Estate Administration worked together to create a project that was much more than just a new building.

We developed the project by integrating the New Ways of Learning and the New Ways of Working. This approach resonates with the lessons we learned from the health crisis.

We've reduced the number of square meters per person, and even the professors' offices are shared and flexible... a revolution! We didn't build any new parking lots, opting instead to develop the site in the city center, close to public transport.

In terms of financing, public funding, through the University, accounts for the lion's share. However, to equip the building with the latest technologies, this funding was not sufficient. HEC Liège therefore launched a fund-raising campaign: "Level Up! A new campus for a bigger impact". We created partnerships with companies, we collected donations from alumni and various donors. It's a true public-private partnership in support of university teaching and research.

Today, HEC Liège is probably the most international place in Liège, with 72 different nationalities coming together every day.


updated on 2/22/24

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