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The "Project thesis"

Within the framework of a "Project thesis", the student analyzes a large-scale and complex management problem in relation to the chosen specialization, and formulates recommendations for an organization/company. 

The student is present in a company (in the broadest sense) throughout the academic year, one day a week during the first semester and full-time during the second semester (beginning of February to beginning of May). 


The organization can have a real management problem analyzed free of charge, which it does not have the means to solve;
the student is trained through the analysis of the problem posed and thus acquires a first professional experience.

The project portfolio is compiled during the period from January to February.

At the beginning of March, it is presented to the penultimate year students of the Master cycle prior to the "speed meeting" (meetings between companies and students) organized by HEC Liège.

The offers of thesis-projects must be communicated via our MyThIn platform (My Thesis & Internship).

It is also possible to take advantage of the expertise of the students in the specialization "Intrapreneurship & Management of Innovation projects" by proposing an "Intrapreneur" project that involves the student's presence in a company for 3 weeks per month throughout the academic year at the end of the Master's degree. In this particular case, the project characterized by its strategic dimension and its components in terms of innovation and change also constitutes the student's final work.

Project offers must be communicated during the period from January to February,  via our MyThIn platform (My Thesis & Internship).

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