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The internship in Master

As a general rule, in the last year of the Master in Management, Business Engineering and Economics cycle, the student completes an internship in a company (in the broadest sense) lasting at least 10 weeks (from the beginning of February to April) and, except in exceptional cases, a thesis independent of the internship.

The internship assignment must be related to the student's chosen specialization.


The organization/company allows the trainee to become familiar with the life and management of an organization, and to confront his/her theoretical knowledge with field practice.  

On the other hand, it benefits fully from the student's expertise, particularly thanks to the work carried out around the assigned mission. Internship offers can be posted on the Career Center of HEC Liège viaa https://hec-liege.jobteaser.com


Practice-based master thesis

In the final year of the Master in Management and Business Engineering cycle, students may choose to complete a Master Thesis by combining the internship with their final work.

The student analyzes a large-scale and complex management issue related to his/her specialization (specialization) and makes recommendations for the organization. The work must meet the academic requirements of any graduation project.

The practice-based master thesis involves a longer collaboration than the "classic" internship. The student is present in the company (in the broadest sense) throughout the academic year, one day a week during the first semester and full-time during the second semester (beginning of February to beginning of May).


The organization/company can have a real management problem analyzed free of charge, which it does not have the means to solve.

On the other hand, it allows the student to learn through the analysis of the large-scale problem posed and thus to acquire a first real professional experience.

The project portfolio is compiled during the period from January to February.

At the beginning of March, it is presented to the penultimate year students of the Master cycle prior to the "speed meeting" (meetings between companies and students) organized by HEC Liège.

The offers of thesis-projects must be communicated via the link http://mythin.externs.ulg.ac.be/proposal.php.

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