A 360° vision thanks to transdisciplinarity

In a constantly changing world, decompartmentalizing sectors in order to take a 360° view of today's issues is essential, especially in the business world where many challenges must be met.

Building bridges between previously separate, yet complementary, areas of knowledge has been the driving force behind the creation of transdisciplinary master's degrees within our School of Management. Indeed, transdisciplinarity allows us to understand and better grasp the challenges of today and tomorrow, among which the integration of knowledge is an asset.

We offer 3 transdisciplinary master's degrees with a simple formula: allow students to obtain 2 master's degrees at the end of 6 years of study.

1 year

The bachelor's degree student continues his/her education and obtains a first master's degree in the field of his/her original bachelor's degree but with a strong component of the other course. Then, he/she trains in the other discipline and obtains his/her second master's degree.

Much more than juxtaposing skills, the objective of a transdisciplinary Master's degree is therefore to encourage new profiles bathed in a dual culture from the first year of the Master's degree. Students are trained in cutting-edge subjects in a transversal manner, which allows them to approach problems from an innovative angle.

This transdisciplinarity distilled within the finalities of the basic Master's degree (a total of 30 credits out of the 120 that make up the Master's degree) and enriched by a complete immersion in the other discipline during the third year of the Master's degree (between 63 and 71 credits depending on the program) is a real asset on the job market. The transdisciplinary graduate has a sufficient basis for dialogue with all the stakeholders in the company.


Three transdisciplinary programs offered with the support of companies and organizations



  • With the Faculty of Law, Political Science and Criminology of the University of Liege
  • Managerial and legal skills
  • Starting with the specialization in Law of our Master in Management Sciences

Industrial & Business Engineering (IBE)

  • With HELMo Gramme
  • Managerial, technological and scientific competences
  • Starting with the specialization in Science and Technology of our Master in Business Engineering

Digital Business

  • With the Faculty of Applied Sciences of the University of Liege
  • Managerial and computer skills
  • Starting with the specialization in Digital Business of our Master in Management Engineering
updated on 1/4/24

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