Une ambiance conviviale

Experience the unique atmosphere of HEC Liège

If there is one thing that characterizes HEC Liège, it is the student life and the folklore that one finds there. There is no shortage of opportunities to get involved, to meet new people, to learn things that can be useful later on (especially in terms of softskills) but above all to create lasting memories: a Student Association, a Baptismal Committee, 3 Junior Enterprises and 11 Organizations of Collective Interest (OIC) offer students the possibility of getting involved in the student committee that they like the most:

The Student Association aims, on the one hand, to represent the students in the different organizations of the School but above all to organize events to which all HEC Liège students are invited such as the Garden, the Ball or even the ski.

The Baptism Committee is in charge of the integration and the meetings between the students willing to live this unique experience.

The Junior Entreprises allow students to put into practice what they learn during the courses through missions with partner companies.

The 11 ICOs organize a large number of events during the academic year: from themed evenings to humanitarian trips, from sports events to parties where the price of drinks fluctuates according to supply and demand, from meetings with Business Game companies, ... The ICOs have been the guarantors of the folklore of our faculty for years. Not a week goes by without at least one event being organized by a committee at HEC, so the hardest thing for you to do is to choose!

Speaking of folklore, the school year at HEC has always been dictated by an agenda prepared in advance by the students. The year begins with the famous "rentrée" (it's not a legend that we're happy about it) and from the first week on, the festive integration events organized by the Assoc and the OIC follow, while the baptism starts at the beginning of October and lasts almost until Saint-Nicolas day. The second quadrennium starts with skiing (students need a week to decompress from the exam session) and goes straight to the saints' period (which ends with Saint-Toré, 3 days of continuous celebration in Liege) and ends with the 10 days of elections. The elections consist of a period where one or several aspiring Assoc compete for the title of official Assoc and organize events each more incredible than the other. Elections are, by far, the best time of the year.

Experiencing the unique atmosphere at HEC does not have to go hand in hand with being involved in any committee. Indeed, it is possible to make the most of the friendly environment that we are lucky enough to find in our faculty by simply going, for example, to have a drink at the Cafet' where the prices defy all competition and where it is possible to meet many students. However, despite all these outings and events, academic success remains a priority. Indeed, it is imperative to have a good academic record to be able to join a student committee at HEC. Liège Proof that it is perfectly possible to reconcile regular outings with impeccable academic success!

Living one's studies to the fullest through all these possibilities is surely what makes our beautiful faculty totally unique in the Cité Ardente and beyond...

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