HEC Liège embraces digital transformation in all its dimensions, by promoting research and teaching in the matter, as well as by performing its own transition

In terms of research

The digital transformation of our society is one of the transversal themes around which the scientific output of HEC Research is centered. HEC Research. The theme is addressed from an interdisciplinary point of view, reflected by the variety of research domains at HEC contributing to it, among which the aspects related to changes in work organization (LENTIC), the implementation of augmented and virtual reality technologies in company operations (SIG Lab), or ecosystems of data sharing for the development of smart territories (Smart City Institute).

In 2022, about 26% of the research production relates to the different dimensions of digital transformation by using or exploring digital technology to improve the management of organizations; exploring the impact of it on individuals, organizations and society, and using innovative digital technology to develop new scientific insights in economic and management sciences.

Research on digital at HC Liège is notably supported by the Digital Lab, the service platform within HEC Liège that promotes partnerships for conducting cutting-edge research and training in digital technologies. Through its activities, the Digital Lab fosters collaboration between academics and researchers, and field players.


In terms of education

Initial training

The innovation processes undergone by companies are getting faster and faster. Recruiters look for graduates who are able to look at a problem under various angles, while having a global vision. That is why HEC Liège and the Faculty of Applied Sciences joined to offer a transdisciplinary program, the transdisciplinary Master in Digital Business, that allows combining two in-depth trainings and getting two diplomas.


Life-long learning

HEC Liège Executive Education offers, in collaboration avec le Digital Lab, a Certificate in Management of technological innovations. This program is composed of in-depth training modules providing know-how and an exhaustive vision of a problematic, delivered by renowned field experts and academics.


Within our School

HEC Liège has developed its own service dedicated to digital: the Digital Transformation Office.

In addition to the Digital Lab, mentioned earlier, three units form the DTO:

  • The Digital Experience (DE) unit focuses on the promotion of new teaching techniques and methods and the making of multimedia productions for mainly pedagogical purposes, and to a lesser extent, as a support to communication and promotion campaigns.
  • The Operational Excellence Program (OEP) unit rethinks and transforms the key processes within HEC Liège by developing an integrated and intelligent information system that will generate more efficiency in the operational, decisional, and administrative management of our internal organization.
  • The IT support team (UDI) is constantly making the school's infrastructure evolve to ensure maximum performance of IT services for staff and students. In addition to supporting the solving of IT issues, the UDI also offers assistance to users in the purchase of hardware and installation of software.


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What our Digital Transformation Lead has to say about this

The question is no longer to know whether one need to start a digital transformation or not, but rather to know how to do so, when, with whom, and above all, with which degree of ambition.

Nicolas Neysen, Digital Transformation Lead, HEC Liège

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Nicolas NEYSEN

Digital Transformation Lead


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updated on 2/21/24

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