Internationalization is a transversal key value of HEC Liège’s strategy. Aside from various opportunities of abroad mobilities (exchanges, double degrees, internships, summer schools,…), the whole HEC Liège community litterally breathes “daily internationalization”.

75 nations represented at HEC Liège

Our students come from 75 different nations (as of 2020). Since our Master studies are mostly taught in English, so is this language the school’s hyphen.

Furthermore, we focus on the international background of our teaching staff, to optimize the ‘internationalization at home’ atmosphere we wish to provide our community with.

Multicultural awareness...

HEC Liège is committed to sustaining a diverse and inclusive community in which each member is repected and valued.

If not positevely experienced, cultural differences might entail substantial barriers to effective cooperation. Learning in an International environment will help students understand the routines of professionals from various countries and hence enable them to do business internationally without the misunderstandings that might arise while working with nationals from a different country.

Thanks to their everyday experiences with other students and lecturers from around the world, HEC Liège students will get to know the traditions of different business areas and mentalities.

And respect for diversity

As part of our Strategic Plan 2020-2024, we identified “respect for diversity” as an essential key to guide us forward: we aim to be a place where all community members can grow, develop and thrive in their careers.

In the recruitment, development and retention of our faculty and staff, we also prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion to ensure that everyone is part of a positive, open-minded and respectful environment.

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updated on 9/18/23

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