Master in Business Engineering, DIGITAL BUSINESS - 1st stage of the Digital Business program

The objectives

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The result of a collaboration between HEC-Liège and the Faculty of Applied Sciences of Uliege, the Master in Business Engineering with a focus on Digital Business is the first step in a program that allows students to combine two specialized courses and obtain both degrees.

Digital technologies have long been an essential support in business management. Today, they play a central role in the various sectors of activity that have to manage important flows between the different actors (company, customer, supplier). The same applies to the different stages of the management process: production planning, inventory, distribution.

Digital Business goes far beyond this by becoming the engine of a new economy with new managerial issues and new challenges: design and development of new products, new ethical issues, new business models.

New fast-growing businesses are purely digital: social networks, research equipment, data storage and processing, e-commerce.

To function in such an environment, our graduates must have solid managerial and IT knowledge. The combination of these two fields of study from the first year of the Master's program gives them an agility and a transdisciplinary approach that sets them apart on the job market.

For whom?

The Digital Business program is designed for future Business Engineering masters students who wish to acquire advanced IT skills, access a wide range of career opportunities or even create their own company.

At the end of this program, our graduates will have a dual culture profile. They will be trained in cutting-edge sectors, in a transversal manner, from the first year of the Master's program.

The journey

The Digital Business program consists of three years of study leading to the master's degree in Business Engineering and the master's degree in Civil Engineering or Computer Science.

Following on from the bachelor's degree, the student continues his or her studies with the master's degree in Business Engineering with a Digital Business focus, which already includes 30 credits from the Civil Computer Engineer or Computer Scientist program.

After obtaining this first diploma, the student enrolls in the Master's degree in Civil Engineering or Computer Science to obtain his second diploma, dedicating only one academic year to it.

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For Business Engineering students wishing to obtain the Master's degree in Computer Engineering, three complementary courses can be taken as early as the bachelor's degree (Mathematical Analysis, Rational Mechanics, Modeling and Systems Analysis).

The program's advantages 

  • A unique profile prized on the job market
  • A sharp expertise in digital, IT and managerial subjects
  • A transdisciplinary training resulting from the partnership between HEC Liège and the Faculty of Applied Sciences
  • A strong anchorage in professional realities
  • A participative learning method
  • Mastery of English
  • The possibility of an Erasmus stay

Competences acquired at the end of the master

At the end of this master's degree, our students will be able to take advantage of :

  • all the skills of the Business Engineering training and access to the associated traditional professions;
  • all the skills of the training in computer science and access to the associated traditional professions;
  • the fusion and integration of these two sets of skills which gives access to the new digital professions.

Professional opportunities

Companies are subject to increasingly rapid innovation processes. Recruiters are looking for graduates who are able to address several aspects of a problem with a global vision.

The digital and managerial components are part of the DNA of our graduates. The transdisciplinary vision conferred by the Digital Business program is a real asset on the job market.

Our alumni work in all types of companies (multinationals, large companies, SMEs, family businesses, etc.) and hold positions directly related to one or other of the courses or combining the two. It is often the complementary nature of their skills that attracts employers, even if they hold positions in the more specific field of management or information technology.

We must not forget the high level research in which some alumni have already successfully engaged.



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Christine PUIT
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Responsable HEC Liège
M. Michaël Schyns, Professeur

Responsable Faculté des Sciences Appliquées
M. Bernard Boigelot, Professeur

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