There are more than 1,500 alumni present in nearly 101 different countries. The Alumni HEC Liège network offers you tools, wherever you are, to federate alumni, help you in your efforts and facilitate contacts in your different countries. 

We organize roadshows all over the world to meet up with our alumni.
Discover our next destinations!

A brand new directory to locate the network on all continents 

You live abroad and you wonder if there are other Alumni near you? There is only one way to find out: consult the interactive map showing the distribution of our Alumni around the world. 

You can also find our different events, testimonies of our alumni but also various information concerning the international deployment of the HEC Liege network: university partnerships, EMBA,... 

Would you like to be visible on this map? All you have to do is send us your testimonial, ideally via a short video of yourself or, if you prefer, in writing with a photo. 

Your testimonials are a showcase for the School and the reputation of your degree, but also a source of inspiration for our students. 

New HEC Liège Alumni Ambassadors around the world 

In order to better federate the HEC Liège community and become real relays in your different countries, many Alumni have agreed to become official "HEC Liège Alumni Ambassadors" around the world and to participate in the meetings of the International Alumni Board to build a real international dynamic. 


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