Over the years, your HEC Liège Alumni team has put itself at the service of alumni in order to develop the missions that are dear to its heart: 


  • Facilitate dialogue and sharing of experiences, both professional and personal, between all members of the HEC Liège community (Alumni, students and staff);
  • To implement all the means to maintain and increase the notoriety, in Belgium and abroad, of the HEC Liège brand and the diplomas that the School delivers;
  • To develop pride in belonging to the community of HEC Liège graduates;   
  • Helping graduates who need advice;
  • To ensure this link through :
    • managing the alumni database available to members of the community (Alumni, students and HEC Liège staff) via its Alumni Service;
    • organizing activities and programs in line with the needs of the network
    • the proposal of continuing education programs;
    • the relay of ambassadors, in Belgium and abroad;
    • as well as through all its written and digital publications: Spirit of Management, website, newsletters, social networks... with the objective of being closer to all the graduates, promoting the professional activity of the Alumni and boosting contacts between the alumni. 
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