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The research domain of “Strategic Marketing Innovation” at HEC Liège is organized around the core ideas of customer centricity, experience management, and digital innovation. Our ambition is to undertake high quality academic research that is relevant for business and society, and to disseminate academic knowledge to students and business practitioners for impact and reach. 


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Collectively, our research covers various topics that put into perspective how companies can go about understanding, creating, and delivering customer value to enhance their performance in digital, environmentally sustainable, and highly competitive markets.  Elaborating customer-centric strategies is crucial for companies in order to develop and sustain a competitive advantage. To do so, we must understand how to manage customer experience, and how customer behavior is changing in an increasingly complex environment. Digital innovation management is at the heart of our research and we study new strategies to help organizations increase the adoption rate of their innovations, while aiming for sustainable development and value creation. 

Our research spans the following areas:

  • Sustainable and digital business models
  • Digital innovation and transformation 
  • Customer experience management 
  • Consumer behavior and engagement
  • Brand management
  • Universal design and servicescapes
  • Frontline employee management 

While our insights can be applied across multiple industries, we do have specific expertise working with companies in the healthcare, financial services and sports industries, as well as with technology-based services and products.
We work by the rule that our research is only useful if applicable. Hence, we have at heart to foster knowledge exchange across our research projects, teaching activities and relationships with businesses. Specifically:

  • We build teaching cases with local and international companies and invite experts in our courses
  • We use our own publications, and leading academic research in our courses to illustrate theories 
  • We capitalize on our research to develop company partnerships, fund projects and develop executive education seminars. 


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Strategic Marketing Innovation

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Strategic storytelling in the age of sustainability
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