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This strategic research field focuses on applying different economic approaches to facilitate the decision-making process at the firm and the government level. The researchers contributing to the field use empirical and applied theoretical analysis to evaluate policy-relevant issues.


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They are interested in a wide-spectrum of issues ranging from the regulation of network industries (energy, telecommunication, transport, etc.), innovation, productivity, competition policy, the impact of new technologies on regional development, the impact of macroeconomic policies or trade policies, as well as the sustainability of social policies. They also provide a better understanding of the way those issues (and the tools developed to meet them) have evolved across time in different countries. One of their primary objectives is to contribute to the policy debate via scientific research, press coverage, opinion pieces or policy briefs of their research outputs.

Researchers within the field are economists with expertise in different subjects. There are different research teams within the field, such as:

  • The Center of Research in Public Economics and Population Economics (CREPP), which specializes in issues such as social security and retirement, performance measurement, social policy and individual well-being and optimal tax theory. We are also part of the SHARE (Survey of Ageing, Health and retirement in Europe) project and the data collected by SHARE helps us conduct various research projects within CREPP.
  • The Liège Competition and Innovation Institute (LCII) which studies the links between competition and innovation in our society. Research is also conducted in cooperation with the private sector, analyzing issues such as the digitalization of the industry sector and the emergence of new business models for the industry.

Team members share their expertise in different graduate and undergraduate programmes in different departments at ULiège. At HEC-Liège, we contribute to the Master of Economics programme "Economic Analysis and Policy". Team members also train a new generation of researchers in economics within the PhD programme in economics and management. 


Economic Analysis & Policy

Article (Scientific journals)
Equivalent income versus equivalent lifetime: does the metric matter?
Onder, Harun; Pestieau, Pierre ; Ponthiere, Grégory
In pressIn Journal of Demographic Economics
Article (Scientific journals)
Predistribution vs. Redistribution: Evidence from France and the United States
Bozio, Antoine; Garbinti, Bertand; Goupille-Lebret, Jonathan et al.
2024In American Economic Journal. Applied Economics
Article (Scientific journals)
Using payroll taxes as a redistribution tool
Bozio, Antoine; Breda, Thomas; Guillot, Malka
2023In Journal of Public Economics, 226, p. 104986
Article (Scientific journals)
Mobilité sociale et populisme
Pestieau, Pierre ; Perelman, Sergio
2023In Regards Economiques, 179
Article (Scientific journals)
Quality performance gaps and minimal electricity losses in East Africa
Gautier, Axel ; Nsabimana, René ; Walheer, Barnabé
2023In Utilities Policy, 82, p. 101558

Members of the field

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