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The academic and scientific staff involved in this field develops researches on the evolutions of the workplace in a global and digitalized work. Two main axes may characterize such transformations and are developed by two research teams accordingly:

  • new forms of work and employment, digital innovation and organizational change (LENTIC)
  • gender, diversity management and equal opportunities (including universities), HRM in Africa (Maghreb and Sub-saharan Africa) (EGID)


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Such evolutions pave the way to new developments in strategic HRM through organizational change processes and intrapreneurship skills, studied by the abovementioned research units. Numerous publications and PhD theses are produced on these topics. 

The research activities of this strategic field are characterized by a permanent balance between pure academic research and action-research accompanying public and private organizations in the design and implementation of HR strategies and change projects (either in Belgium or abroad) but also workers and non-workers in their professional path management and skills development in a perspective of sustainable careers. We also have a strong involvement with regional, national or international professional associations in the field (HR managers, diversity managers, etc.), through projects and dissemination of our research in events organized by the public or private sector.

Within the University of Liège, strong research links have been developed with the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Faculty of Psychology (interdisciplinary ARC projects, co-supervision of PhDs, etc.)

International partnerships have been established with other universities either in Belgium (Leuven, Louvain-La-Neuve, Hasselt, Antwerp, Ghent) or abroad (Paris-Dauphine, Lille, HEC Montreal, Wharton School, Bentley University, Tilburg, Aachen, Monash University, University of California in Santa Cruz, etc.). The academic and scientific staff of the field is deeply engaged in international scientific networks (among others in the French-speaking Association of Human Resource Management, with positions of vice-president, coordinator of working groups, etc.). Senior professors are regularly asked to take part in PhD committees outside Belgium.

Several academic and scientific members of the field are also committed in the study of intercultural questions in a global world and take charge of cooperation activities with developing countries, namely in Africa.


Changing Workplace & Strategic HRM

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Article (Scientific journals)
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