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Master in Business Engineering, Science and Technology - 1st stage of the Industrial and Business Engineering (IBE) program

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Deadline : April 19, 2024

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The objectives

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The result of a collaboration between HEC-Liège and HELMo Gramme, the Master's degree in Management Engineering with a focus on Science and Technology is the first step in the Industrial Business Management (IBE) program, which makes it possible to combine two specialized courses and obtain both degrees.

Indeed, many industrial engineers are faced with a career change that requires solid managerial skills. Complementary training exists but does not allow them to reach the level of training equivalent to that of a management engineer. Conversely, for many management engineers, it is essential to have the fundamentals of modern technology in order to be immediately operational to deal with management problems in a high-tech environment.

Combining these two programs and introducing courses from the other program in the first year of the Master's program gives our graduates not only the skills of both programs, but also an agility and transdisciplinary approach that sets them apart in the job market.

What our partners say about it

The Industrial Engineering and Management Engineering degrees are complementary and provide a great background. It is an exceptional opportunity offered to students, bringing together two worlds, that of technicians and that of managers. The student will have to adapt to another environment, which will enrich his vision and agility in the face of the challenges that will arise throughout his professional career.

Marcel Miller, Alstom Benelux, Mentor of the 2016-2017 cohort

For whom?

The IBE program is designed for future Master's students in Management Engineering who wish to acquire advanced technical skills, gain access to a wide range of career opportunities or even create their own technology-based company.

This training is accessible only by application. The selection process is designed to ensure that candidates are truly motivated and have the ability to grasp more technological subjects.

At the end of this program, our graduates will have a dual culture profile. They will be trained in cutting-edge sectors, in a transversal manner, from the first year of the Master's program.

The journey

The IBE program consists of three years of study leading to both the Master's degree in Management Engineering and the Industrial Engineering degree.

Following on from the bachelor's degree, the student continues his or her studies with the Master's degree in Management Engineering with a Science and Technology focus, which already includes 30 credits from the Industrial Engineering program.

After obtaining this first diploma, the student can enroll in the Industrial Engineering master's program to obtain his or her second diploma by devoting a single academic year to it.



The program's advantages 

  • A unique profile prized on the job market
  • Advanced expertise in both technological and managerial subjects
  • A transdisciplinary training resulting from the partnership between HEC Liège and HELMo Gramme
  • A strong anchoring in professional realities
  • A participative learning method
  • Mastery of English
  • The possibility of an Erasmus stay

What our alumni say about it

This master is rare. I did not hesitate to enroll. It gives me a global vision. It requires an extra effort during the studies but it becomes an asset on the professional level.

Karl Vanderheeren, Alumni 19-20

Competences acquired at the end of the master

At the end of this master, our students will be able to :

  • Understand a problem from a managerial and technological perspective
  • Respond to a call for tenders typically targeted at management engineers but also industrial engineers
  • Be directly operational as technicians or managers
  • Have an integrative way of thinking that takes into account all the constraints
  • Carry out consultancy missions
  • Develop an independent activity
  • Use their skills to lead teams
  • Bring their strategic vision

Professional opportunities

Technology companies are subject to increasingly rapid innovation processes. Recruiters are looking for graduates who are able to approach several aspects of a problem with a global vision. 

The technical and management components are part of our graduates' DNA. The transdisciplinary vision conferred by the IBE program is a real asset on the job market. Our alumni work in all types of companies (multinationals, large companies, SMEs, family businesses, etc.) and hold positions that are directly related to one or the other of the training programs or that combine both. It is often the complementary nature of their skills that attracts employers, even if they hold either technological or managerial positions.

We must not forget the high level research in which some alumni have already successfully engaged.


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