Supply Chain Management & Business Analytics

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Supply Chain Management & Business Analytics are broad areas designed to improve the operational performance of companies. 

Supply Chain Management is the management of the supply chain, i.e. the set of processes and associated information, for the supply and delivery of products, from their conception to the final customer. It is a constantly evolving field, confronted with the opportunities and challenges posed by globalization, new information technologies and environmental requirements. 

Business Analytics enables companies and managers to cope with the amount of data and information, both internal and external, and to take full advantage of the available data to make smarter decisions, to create value and to better use resources. 

Supply Chain and Business Analytics rely on a common set of tools and methods and are simultaneously transforming as the digital revolution unfolds. 



The training courses in logistics at HEC Liège have a triple objective: 

  • First of all, these trainings allow for a global management of the product life cycle by privileging the circular economy to optimize the profits of companies while minimizing the environmental impact;  
  • Secondly, they include new technologies linked to the development of automation, IT tools and digitalization (geolocation, internet of things, artificial intelligence);
  • Finally, they take into account the evolution towards new economic models based on win-win collaborations sharing data or resources.

The + of the specialization 

  • Analytical methods oriented (descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analysis) applied to operations and supply chain management problems
  • Highly demanded training in Belgium and abroad
  • 1 double degree: in Belgium (Universiteit Gent)


Skills acquired at the end of the specialization  

Understanding of data modeling, optimization and analysis techniques, advanced information and communication technologies, operations management processes in industrial companies and service organizations that deploy and interact with complex supply chains.


Professional openings 

  • Operations Manager, Supply Chain Manager, Production Manager/Scheduler, Logistics and Distribution Manager, Purchasing Manager, Sales Manager, Transportation Manager/Scheduler, Warehouse Manager, Customer Service Manager, Contracts and Vendor Manager, Quality Manager, Import/Export Manager, Supply Chain Consultant, etc.
  • ERP specialist, business analyst, data analyst, researcher and developer (R&D), etc.

In various sectors of activity:  

  • Industries: pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical, steel, automotive, food processing, cosmetics, electronics, aeronautics, IT and communications, retail, Internet companies, software developers, etc.
  • Services: road carriers, air carriers, sea carriers, 3rd and 4th level logistics service providers (3PL & 4PL), parcel carriers, hotel chains, consulting companies, etc.
  • Non-profit: hospitals, public sector (seaport, airport, railway authorities, etc.), humanitarian organizations, etc.

What our Students say about it

The fields of Supply Chain and Business Analytics are quite broad and have been developed to improve the operational performance of companies facing complex problems in the management of their operations on a daily basis. It is obvious that with the digital revolution, globalization and the increasing importance of operational efficiency that comes with it, the analytical skills developed in this master's program are highly sought after, both in the national and international job market. There is a family atmosphere in this specialization, where everyone knows each other. And despite the fact that some people still think that the Supply Chain field is rather reserved for men, female students are in the majority! 

Julie Dupuich, étudiante en Supply Chain Management & Business Analytics 

Finality Pilot

Yasemin Arda

Yasemin ARDA

Full Professor - Operations

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