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The specialization aims to train future executives and managers of companies who wish to specialize in professions related to sustainable performance management or one of its components, namely internal control, internal audit, organizational or environmental management control, operational risk management or integrated risk, quality and safety management. More generally, it is intended for anyone interested in the general management of corporate performance or who is required to optimize performance on an ongoing basis, in a sustainable manner that respects the long-term interests of all internal and external stakeholders. 

What our alumni say about it

The SPM track offers a comprehensive view of the main challenges faced by managers, regardless of the industry in which they are involved.

Brieuc Kremer, Alumni, CEO Vranken Pommery Italia 

The + of the specialization 

  • A specialization that is currently unique in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, based on a global and transversal vision of management and business performance in a sustainable perspective, fully aligned with the latest version of the European Foundation for Quality Management's performance benchmark (2020);
  • A strong practical anchoring, both in terms of the internship and/or study work and the concrete work in companies carried out in many courses;
  • A focus on industrial companies and on the world of industry in general;

Skills acquired at the end of the specialization

  • Development of a transversal vision of the different professions and functions that coexist within companies;
  • Mastery of audit techniques (internal and external) and of the financial and legal techniques necessary for a good integrated control of the financial and intangible human resources of the organization;
  • In-depth knowledge (theoretical and practical) of the main performance management and internal risk control frameworks and models (EFQM, COSO, ISO 9001-15, FMECA, etc.);
  • Ability to evaluate the concordance of the evolution of these techniques with the legal, regulatory and ethical constraints imposed by the competitive, strategic and economic context of the organizations;
  • Elaboration, analysis and adaptation of procedures, processes and mechanisms useful for the good management and control in the medium and long term of both the performance of an organization and the operational risks it faces.

Professional openings 

The jobs targeted at the end of the training are multiple: 

  • Financial management: business unit finance manager or director, budget management, planning and budgeting manager, financial analyst;
  • Performance management: management controller, internal controller, internal auditor, internal process auditor, internal financial analyst, means and resources manager (public companies), operational risk manager, sustainable development manager, project manager, business analyst.

In the long run, this training leads quickly to management positions in companies or organizations of all types, to the takeover and restructuring of existing companies or to activities on boards of directors. 


What our alumni say about it

A master's degree recommended for curious students who want to learn and practice management techniques!

The specialization covers all the main aspects of the organization and its need to continuously improve its performance. It opens many doors in today's working world. The courses in English and/or French and the group projects are real assets. 

Cécile Gilleman, Alumni, Business Manager Robert Half

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