Portrait of Siamak Khayyati

New 2023 Lecturers Honoured

Lecturer in Business Analytics & Supply Chain Mgmt.

Could you briefly describe your background, your research topics and your conception of university teaching?

I am a lecturer in Business Analytics at HEC Liège. I currently teach courses related to database management and statistics, which are closely linked to my research interests. My main research area is the application of machine learning to various operations research and supply chain management problems, in particular production control, queuing systems and the information provider problem.

In recent years, I have also been working on energy efficiency with the broader aim of sustainability through production mode control as part of the TUBiTAK (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) project on "Design and implementation of data-driven production, material flow and energy mode control systems with energy efficiency and cost considerations in production systems".

I obtained my PhD at the University of Koc on the topic of data-driven production/inventory systems control, under the supervision of Prof. Baris Tan. My PhD studies introduced me to many interesting topics in the field of operations management: I had the chance to explore more in my research, such as stochastic processes and queuing models, and others that I intend to work on in the future - the application of machine learning to healthcare, for example.

Another valuable experience I had during this period was learning to work with high-performance clusters to generate, maintain and analyze very large datasets.

During my post-graduate studies and post-doctoral research in Iran, Turkey and Germany, I was involved in a wide range of teaching-related activities with various student groups, from organizing exercise classes and giving lectures to preparing syllabuses and examination material.


Khayyati Siamak

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