Portrait of Michaël Parmentier

New 2023 Lecturers Honoured


Lecturer in Leadership and Organizational Behavior.

Could you briefly describe your background, your research topics and your conception of university teaching?

I'm particularly pleased to be joining HEC Liège, Ecole de Gestion de l'Université de Liège, as a lecturer in Leadership and Organizational Behavior. I look forward to developing fruitful collaborations with my colleagues and contributing to our institution's research, teaching and service missions.

My academic career began at UCLouvain, where I completed my doctoral thesis in psychological and educational sciences on the emotional anticipation of professional transitions and how this anticipation impacts our preparation for such changes. I then pursued this work during a post-doctorate in Switzerland, where I studied involuntary professional reconversions, an increasingly topical and relevant issue in our professional landscape.

My research therefore revolves around the anticipation of major events in working life, notably professional transitions, career shocks and changes within organizations. Within the Changing Workplace & Strategic HRM research field and the LENTIC, I extend this work to better understand how such anticipations influence health and well-being at work. I also pay particular attention to team dynamics and the role of the leader in these processes.

My conception of university teaching is rooted in the idea that teaching is about providing learning opportunities that encourage reflexivity, the confrontation of ideas, the discovery of the field, and collaboration. Thus, my pedagogical objectives are to create learning activities that go beyond the simple transmission of knowledge, but encourage students to question and apply it in practical contexts. This pedagogy aims to equip our students with the skills they need to thrive and succeed in a complex and ever-changing professional environment.


Michaël Parmentier

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