HEC Liège obtains the renewal of the international EQUIS accreditation!

HEC Liège - School of Management of the University of Liège obtains the renewal of the international EQUIS accreditation for the quality of its teaching, its research and its governance!

HEC Liège has just obtained the renewal of its EQUIS (European Quality Improvement System) accreditation following an audit that took place last November. The auditors analyzed the school according to a series of criteria in 10 different areas: context, governance and strategy; programs; students; faculty; Research & Development; Executive Education; resources and administrative support services; internationalization; ethics, social responsibility and sustainable development; links with practice and the business world.

A rigorous process, the audit mobilized all of HEC Liège's stakeholders: the authorities of the University of Liège, the teaching staff, the administration, the students, the alumni and the companies. The School has once again demonstrated the progress it has made in previous years, thanks to the work of each of its members, the involvement of a dynamic Accreditation team, and the continued support of the University of Liège.

HEC Liège is thus continuing its constant progress on the road to quality, towards a common goal of excellence. This progress is clearly expressed in the auditors' report: the School fully meets the standards defined by EQUIS in the vast majority of criteria. In several of them, we demonstrate a quality that is considered exceptional. This is the case, for example, for our external governance, for the definition of our strategy, for our faculty management, for our links with the business world..

The renewal of EQUIS accreditation, coupled with the AACSB accreditation obtained by HEC Liège in 2018, reinforces the international reputation and visibility of the University of Liège School of Management. As of October 2022, 209 business schools around the world have earned the EQUIS label, with 45 countries represented among the accredited schools.

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We are pleased with this re-accreditation, particularly for our students and future students, to whom we are sending a strong signal regarding the international quality standards of our teaching, research and governance. The audit underlines HEC Liège's links with companies (and we would like to thank all our partner companies for their unfailing involvement), demonstrating the adaptation and adequacy of our teaching to professional and economic realities. I would also like to highlight the work of each member of HEC Liège. EQUIS accreditation is a long and demanding process and together we have once again risen to the challenge.

Wilfried NIESSEN, Director General & Dean - HEC Liège

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The University of Liège pays particular attention to the European and international accreditation processes of its faculties, training and research programs. This is the case, for example, for the training of civil engineers in the Faculty of Applied Sciences, bioengineers at Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. The excellence of our human resources management in research is certified by the European label HR Excellence in Research, a precious sesame for project applications. The renewal of EQUIS accreditation for HEC Liège is in line with this constant institutional objective of quality and excellence, which constitutes a strong message of confidence for our students and future students, the researchers who join us and our academic and institutional partners throughout the world.

Anne-Sophie NYSSEN, Rector - University of Liège

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